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My favorite childhood memories from Coastal Mississippi

Even though I was born here, I didn't move to the Coast full-time until 2001 when I was only in about 6th grade. Because of that, I was able to have all kinds of great experiences down here.

Since it's Thursday, I thought it only perfect to have a little stroll down memory lane with a #throwbackthursday blog post.

I'd like to reminisce with y'all and chat about some of my favorite childhood memories living here on the MS Gulf Coast.

If you have any fond childhood memories - I'd love to hear about them! Please be sure to connect with me on IG or FB!

Attack of the Seagulls!

This one is a silly one but it definitely made a lasting impression on me and my little brother. I don't think we were living here just yet but were visiting family from overseas. I think I was 6 or 7. My family and I were down for a wedding so we rented a car. The car happened to be one of those old station wagons, the kind with those crazy seats that face backwards. My brother and I just loved the idea of sitting back there - it was weird and different than we had ever experienced.

We were so excited to head to the beach. We lived in the middle of Europe at the time so beaches were an unusual experience. Upon arrival, my dad got out of the front of the seat and made his way to the trunk to what it looked like at the time - let us out. So my brother and I unbuckled our seatbelts and got closer to the window. What we didn't realize at the time... my dad wasn't letting us out, he was putting a hotdog on the windshield wiper!!

The seagulls SWARMED the window and it was equal parts terrifying and hysterical. My brother and I shrieked at the initial surprise but then laughed until we fell back into that weird back facing seat. I'm sure the seagulls enjoyed it too.


One night, my brother and I got to go shrimping with my dad and uncle. This was something I had never done before and was super excited to try it out - especially because we got to stay up late. I remember we had to make a pitstop at the old Walmart on Pass Road (which is now a self storage place) to go buy rabbit food because apparently that is what shrimp eat? *shrugs*.

Anywhooooooo... After the trip for the rabbit food, we headed to the Popp's Ferry causeway. Which now has MANY more upgrades than it had then. We went to the pier to sprinkle the food. After some snacks, we started to throw our nets. It was such a fun experience. If you've never thrown a castnet before, it takes practice.... and a little technique. Most of the pros also grab part of the net with their teeth to hold it before the magic cast, I wasn't about that but seemed to catch a few shrimp anyway.

The Silver Screen Movie Theatre

As you can tell by the grainy photo, this place had been around a while. I think my dad even used to visit this place when he was a kid. As you can also see by the sign, some of the movies were only $1.00. This place was old, didn't have the newest release and smelled a little funny but it was COOL. They had cocktail tables and cool armchairs that swiveled. The food was basic and they even offered beer for those old enough to partake. It was kind of a Gulf Coast Legendary location and I have really good memories going here on field trips or walking over from the mall when I was a little teeny bopper to catch a dollar flick!

Slippery Sam's

You know waterparks have a special place in my heart. I love being around the water. It may just be because I was born down here but that doesn't discount how much fun Slippery Sam's was. Slippery Sam's was located in Biloxi right across from the beach. The water slides were actually concrete half tunnels poured into the slopes of a short hill but boy was it a good time. You grabbed a mat at the bottom of the hill and hiked up the hill to slide down the waterslide into a shallow pool. Of course all the kids tried to see if they could stop on the slide and jam things up. Some did successfully but most just got some road rash from the concrete slides and gushing water.

It had three or so slides, a snack bar, a shallow pool and I think a kiddie area. Before Hurricane Katrina, it also had some additions like picnic pavilions. Water shoes were key at places like these because that hike up that hill + the Mississippi sun was no joke.

Slippery Sam's wasn't as nice as it's competitor Wet Willy's which was located in Gulfport, Mississippi, but it was JUST AS FUN!

Golden Gate Skateland

Every week after I earned my allowance, I spent it at Golden Gate Skateland. It is still in D'iberville and still a boatload of fun. You were able to get in for just $4 or so dollars and you could rent rollerblades or skate. I got some "blades" for my bday so was able to use that extra money for games, or snacks. Speaking of snacks, the snackbar was an eclectic combo of all of those weird favorites like square pizza, slush puppies, and pickle pops.

Not familiar with a pickle pop well it was a $0.25 ice cube of pickle juice. Gross, right? But when you are a kid, sooo weird it's good.

You definitely wanted to pay the extra $1.50 to participate in the late night skate - and it was where the "cool kids" stayed. and by late night, i mean after 10pm. LOL. Your parents were waiting for you in the parking lot for when they turned on the lights and kicked everyone out by 11pm.

I spent many a Friday night at the Skating Rink. It was the place to be - the place the meet the "cute boy" or hang out with friends while barely even skating. A lot of what they offered back then, they still offer now, even the infamous couple skate. Sheesh, the corny, awkward, magical memories. LOL!

Thanks for joining me on this walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed and I can't wait to hear all of your fun childhood memories over on the GCG facebook page!

Chat soon! <3

Don't forget new vlogs launch on Tuesday and Fridays. PLUS, my 50th video is coming soon and it will be a fun one!

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