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Family Fun Activities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Today, We are going through some fun things you can do with the FAM here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

I have to preface by saying like I do in all of our other "Fav 5/10" videos that this is by no means ALL that the MS Gulf Coast has to offer, and they aren't ranked in any order in particular.

These are things that are great for people of any age and can be enjoyed by the whole family. I tried to review a mix of indoor things and outdoor things with some seasonal activities because Summer is when the kiddos are out and about. Be sure to visit their social pages or websites for hours of operation or give them a good ole fashion phone call to make sure they are open before you make your plans!

Now, let's have some fun:

1. Big Play Family Fun Center

It has fun and family right in the name, so how can you go wrong? I enjoy this place because you can visit to do all of the activities they offer, or just one. They offer an arcade, bowling, go-carts, laser tag, mini golf, and axe throwing. SO MANY THINGS! They also have a pretty cool bar with a decent food selection. I thoroughly enjoy their lazer tag space - it's the best one I've been to. Two levels and lots of themed elements. I have done everything here except for bowling which is one of their newest features. I definitely recommend following them on social media. They offer a boatload of specials - like today, Wednesday, every activity is half off.

2. Gulf Islands Waterpark

Ok folks, if you follow the vlog, you know I LOVE this place. Every November, during the Black Friday sales, I am sure to scoop up my season pass. It's not only because I love the water, but Gulf Islands Waterpark is #soakinfun for everyone. It has a lazy river that is perfect for the parents to chill out in all day. It has a tiny tots area for those little bitty ones, and even a little water ropes course for the bigger kids. They also offer a variety of slides where you can double up or race and enjoy some quality memory making time. Check out the vlog to see some of the different slides and things. I'm already jonesing for them to open this season!

3. Ship Islands Excursions

This is something I recommend ANYONE doing who visits or lives down here on the Coast. Ship Island Excursions is mainly known for offering trips to well... Ship Island, which is one of the barrier islands along the MS Gulf Coast. You load up with your beach gear and head on a boat for a peaceful ride 11 miles off of the Coast. It's not unusual to spot a dolphin or two on your cruise out to Ship Island. Once you reach the Island you disembark to make a little hike across the Island for the most beautiful water! On your hike you will be able to stop and check out Fort Massachusetts which is not only a cool experience, its full of history for any of those history buffs in your fam! The south side of the island offers chairs, restrooms, and a snack bar. It's a great spot to relax and unwind while you let the kids play in the sand and sun. The Excursion does many trips throughout the day in peak season so you can go out for a half of a day or a whole day, it's up to you! And don't worry, they also offer a fun little snack bar on the boat if you ate all of your snacks on the beach. :) Ship Island Excursions also offer private cruises, sunset cruises, and a normal dolphin watching cruise.

4. Infinity Science Center

Infinity Science Center is a fantastic place to explore and learn. It is a STEM museum and since they are in close proximity to the Stennis Space Center, they offer a lot of neat experiences. Most recently, you could visit to watch the Artemis I engine test! They also offer a bunch of exhibits and host lots of different programs throughout the month. One of the ones that caught my eye is happening this Friday - March 12, 2021, the Possum Walk Nightlife. You get to visit at night and explore the nature walk with a guide learning about different animals. I really like the different programs they offer - it's a great way to introduce the kiddos to science or get them engaged in STEM.


The Mississippi Gulf Coast has over 62 miles of beaches to enjoy and without dozens of activities! Everyone definitely has a favorite that varies based on their needs. The beach offers you a place to relax and read. You can visit one of the many businesses along the beach to rent jet skis, chairs or paddle bikes. You can also rent bikes and ride or walk along the boardwalks. I also enjoy grabbing my lunch to go from one of the local restaurants and picnicking on the beach. Families often swim or fly kites. Some places along the coast, like in Ocean Springs-Front Beach, have a cute little chess set you can play or fire pits you can rent. One of my other favorite things to do, is watch the sunset! Just like the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the options are endless.

Thank you for reading and learning more about the MS Gulf Coast and all of the #gulfcoastgoodness it has to offer!

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